How to treat cold feet

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woman putting socks on cold feet

Do you often have cold feet and think that's just the way it is - you can't change that?

You’re not alone.

I also often had cold feet until I learned about Chinese medicine (TMC) and its nutrition principles.

In TCM, they say energy stops flowing when you have cold feet and hands, among other things. And if your energy flow is constantly poor, your health and well-being will take a knock.

Now, the question is, why does the energy no longer flow through the whole body?

In today's diet, we eat a lot of cold food. Raw vegetables and salads, cold drinks (from the fridge), and cooling vegetables and fruits like tomatoes, cucumbers, bananas, oranges and yoghurt.

We rarely adapt our eating according to the seasons anymore.

Our body has a constant temperature between 36 - 37 degrees.
The body has to heat permanently if we eat cooling foods all year round. This is a big job for our body, and with time it cannot maintain this temperature and starts to neglect the extremities, which are "less important". The energy is conserved for essential organs and circuits that help the body function optimally.

So we have cold hands and feet in summer and winter. 

Now do the test and touch your feet: How do they feel?

If you have cold feet, wear socks or consider which cooling foods you eat too regularly and consider swapping them for warming or neutral foods.

It's easy to get warm feet and hands again.

Over a period of four weeks, try to include neutral to warming foods and not bring the cooling ones to the table every day.


My bonus tip for keeping the body warm and energy flowing:

Make yourself a warm muesli every morning for 4 weeks and see what your feet (and hands) think of it...

🥣 Download my Muesli Recipe



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