Join me, Karin Arigoni, for a three-part series where you will learn everything you've wanted to know about womanhood and living in the flow of your cycle.

We will discuss nutrition, lifestyle and mindfulness and how they create more balance in your life.

This course gives you the tools to live in harmony with your cycle, whether you are in menstruation, perimenopause or menopause. 


"Karin's Live Your Cycle Course was something I was searching for a long moment,

not only for myself but for my daughter. We now both live our cycles as a bio-individual. This course is very accessible, very well organised and professional for every woman, who wants to grow and live her womanhood instead of surviving it. Karin guided us in an easy and funny way, going through this hot topic, supported by information (written and video as well) and spec sheets that were mailed to us some days before. My daughter and myself, both cooking lovers were very enthusiastic about the easy to use recipes and other handouts as guided meditation and yoga course and much more. We could feel Karin's information was flowing from her heart while talking about her own experiences. Still today I learn new information through her variated and very professional Insta posts and stories. Wishing you a wonderful journey Living Your cycle and spread this so important news to your daughter, friends, nieces... It's a precious gift."

- Dona, Belgium

What's included in the course?

  • 4+ hours of video where Karin walks you through each module topic
  • Easy to follow delicious recipes 
  • Downloadable content for each topic
  • Practical tools and information that you can apply to your lifestyle
  • A Guided Meditation 
  • A Breathwork Practice
  • A Yin Yoga Practice
  • Journal prompts and printables
  • A Live Q&A Session with Karin 
About Your Instructor

My name is Karin and I help people to find their life balance and to exploit or mobilize their potential fully.
I am a Coach for Health and Nutrition (IIN), a graduated movement therapist, a licensed sports physiotherapist and a yoga teacher.
And in particular to my professional qualification: My very personal experience.

At first, after finishing a commercial apprenticeship in Switzerland and studies in movement pedagogy, I made an entirely different approach. Somewhat accidentally, I discovered my talent in sales and communication and was quickly fascinated by the success. And this for many years. I realized almost too late, what I did to myself and my body. And only because I was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.

I was forced to take a more extended break and deal intensively with myself and my health, too. At that stage, I learned that nutrition can be like medicine for my body and that the responsibility for my well-being lies within myself.

Thankfully, I have found my work-life balance by working as a professional coach for health and nutrition, accompanying individuals and businesses on their ways to new horizons. And there is enough time to enjoy life fully and happily with my family and friends, too.

Karin Arigoni