Live Your Cycle

Everything you ever wanted to know about your womanhood


A course for all women of all ages

It’s time to shift women's health into a new era with nutrition and lifestyle changes

Learn more about your bio-individual cycle and integrate it into your daily life.

Living with your cycle means living a mindful life and feeling the balance coming back into every aspect of your life.

Learn more about nutrition and how to get the most out of it at every stage of your cycle. Access to simple recipes that show you how easy it is to eat fresh, seasonal and local food.

"There are a thousand diseases but only one health."


Learn to recognize what gives and what steals your energy. Practicing mindful exercises, having a daily routine and avoiding energy thieves will bring you back to the best version of yourself.

Live with more energy, get better sleep and a radiant look.

It's time to stop treating the symptoms and get to the cause


If you’ve been struggling with cycle symptoms for years and your doctor tells you this is normal? It's time to take a new aproach. Take your health into your hands and learn about the roots of all these symptoms, no matter if we talk about PMS, menstruation cramps, perimenopausal symptoms or others. 

We need to start making lifestyle adjustments and become more aware of what our bodies need.

"Having been part of the very interesting “Live your Cycle – use your Breath” Zoom call by Karin, I must say that I am thoroughly impressed about her passion and the way she can bring this special topic across in an exciting way. I can highly recommend Karin. Whatever she does, she does with all her heart. With her I feel perceived and well taken care of.

Thank you Karin - thank you for everything!"


56, Switzerland

What you can expect:

Learn to thrive by living your Cycle. You will receive:

  • 3  modules which consist of downloads and pre-recorded classes 
  • Q & A support during the course 
  • Recipes and more bonuses…

You will learn about:

  • Nutrition and the benefits you receive when adjusting within your cycle
  • Lifestyle hacks that you can easily implement  
  • Mindfulness methods and exercises to come into a state of balance.

Are you ready to create more balance in your life?



Hi, I'm Karin,

I help people to find their life balance and to exploit or mobilize their potential fully.
I am a Coach for Health and Nutrition (IIN), a graduated movement therapist, a licensed sports physiotherapist and a yoga teacher.
And in particular to my professional qualification: My very personal experience.

At first, after finishing a commercial apprenticeship in Switzerland and studies in movement pedagogy, I made an entirely different approach. Somewhat accidentally, I discovered my talent in sales and communication and was quickly fascinated by the success. And this for many years. I realized almost too late, what I did to myself and my body.  And only because I was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.

I was forced to take a more extended break and deal intensively with myself and my health, too. At that stage, I learned that nutrition can be like medicine for my body and that the responsibility for my well-being lies within myself.

Thankfully, I have found my work-life balance by working as a professional coach for health and nutrition, accompanying individuals and businesses on their ways to new horizons. And there is enough time to enjoy life fully and happily with my family and friends, too.

Praise from Karin's client's:


(41), Zurich

Through breathing exercises and meditations I learned to slow down my "carousel" and reduce inner stress. And through Karin's extensive knowledge, she was also able to give me valuable tips for everyday life in the area of lifestyle and nutrition.



Karin helped me to realise a project I had longed for for a long time. Focused and very human, she accompanied me on the way, in the direction I was aiming for, in which Karin lovingly and patiently put the mirror in front of me, challenged and encouraged me, as needed, from which I still benefit today.


(49), Zürich

Karin helped me to successfully change my diet and attitude in small steps and without much effort, both in the office and at home. The positive side effect is that my whole family is enthusiastic about the change and we have been dealing with the topic of healthy nutrition together. 

Frequenty Asked Questions

It's time to connect with your cycle!

If you're ready to live in a state of better health and balance.