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Live Your Cycle,

use your breath.

Live your cycle and the importance of the breath

Our breath is the essence of life. Learn how to use your breathing in daily life. To stay calm, relieve stress, and balance your cycle symptoms.

This course includes breathing exercises and meditation. It's a course for women of all ages!


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Live Your Cycle.

A 3-week online course for all women of all ages.

It is time to usher in a new era in women's health with the help of diet and lifestyle changes.

- Nutrition
- environmental factors
- mindfulness

Learn more about your bio-individual cycle and integrate it into your daily life.

Living with your cycle means living a mindful life and feeling balance return in every aspect of your life.

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Josephine (56), Switzerland

Having been part of a very interesting “Live your Cycle – use your Breath” Zoom call plant by Karin I must say that I am thoroughly impressed about her passion and the way she can bring this special topic across in an exciting way. I can highly recommend Karin.
Whatever she does, she does with all her heart. With her, I feel perceived and well taken care of. Thank you Karin - thank you for everything! Keep going!

Janet (36), South Africa

I've enjoyed learning from Karin. After attending two of her online courses, I have more knowledge and insight into what my body needs and WHY. Karin's teachings are digestible and valuable for women of all ages and all cycles of life!
I love her holistic approach to health and wellness and all the tools she shares in Live Your Cycle are practical and easy to implement into my daily life.

Dona, Belgium

Karin's Living Your Cycle Course was something I was searching for a long moment, not only for myself but for my daughter. We now both live our cycles as a bio-individual. This course is very accessible, very well organised and professional for every woman, who wants to grow and live her womanhood instead of surviving it. Karin guided us in an easy and funny way, going through this hot topic, supported by information (written and video as well) and spec sheets that were mailed to us some days before. My daughter and myself, both cooking lovers were very enthusiastic about the easy to use recipes and other hand outs as guided meditation and yoga course and much more. We could feel Karins information was flowing from her heart, while talking about her own experiences. Still today I learn new information through her variated and very professional Insta posts and stories. Wishing you a wonderful journey Living Your cycle and spread this so important news to your daughter, friends, nieces... It's a precious gift.

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