Energy Booster - Yoga and Meditation


Are you often without energy and feel stressed? Do you have little time for yourself and only slowly find your inner peace? Then this Monday hour is just for you.

A yoga and meditation mix with the three elements body, mind and soul.

Yoga and meditation have a noticeable effect on the psyche after just a few hours - less susceptibility to stress and a feeling of inner peace and balance. This in turn has an impact on physical aspects such as blood pressure, immune system or cholesterol level.


Relax to the Max for Kids and Teens

(from 10 years)


Relax to the Max for kids and teens is a mix of special activities for inner balance and equilibrium in teenagers.

We practice a mix of yoga, qigong, meditation and special strength and energy exercises.

The participants get to know different techniques in order to be able to act appropriately in everyday life and to better face today's stress. The influence of food is also discussed.

Babara (42), Switzerland

Courses with Karin are like taking a short break from everyday life to recharge your batteries, to cool down and to forget the stress of everyday life. She responds very individually to each individual, adapting exercises if they do not work for you or if the form of the day does not allow for something. Karin can even adapt an entire course flexibly according to the wishes of the participants. I am fascinated by her know-how and the wealth of your knowledge.

She explains clearly how the exercises work and corrects them if necessary so that everyone is in the correct position. The atmosphere is always cozy, relaxed and pleasant and Karin's friendly, helpful and cordial character contributes significantly to this.
What I really appreciate is the variety that Karin brings in with different techniques, singing bowls, fragrances, music, tea, snacks, sometimes indoors and outdoors - all of this makes every course exciting.
I'm always happy when I get to participate - thank you very much.

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