Physical complaints, hormonal disorders or symptoms such as exhaustion, listlessness, sleeping issues and stress, even burnout have one thing in common:
The balance is missing.

This balance is urgently needed in order to exploit or mobilize one's own potential fully. Adjustments to diet and lifestyle are often the key to success.

Find your balance.

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Which ingredients are essential to find and maintain one's own balance? And, what mixing ratio would be appropriate? Technically spoken, one speaks of bio-individuality. This goes far beyond nutrition.

Exercises, relationships and activities - both professional and private - are equally crucial. To recognize the state of one own's balance is fundamentally vital.
Try the crowding out effect and as a consequence leave old things behind you and get new habits installed into your life. These are the two main steps to be done.

It may sound easy. Although, it is almost impossible to sustain the necessary power and consistency without professional support. There is already a wholesome sign of vitality, being able to look out for assistance.

A specially trained coach can increase your chances of success significantly.


Support for individuals and businesses

Coaching, whether for individuals or families, is a process requiring both time and perseverance. I will guide you systematically through the various stages and sessions, face to face or online (Skype, Facetime). I am powerful on a practice-oriented concept. Under the slogan of bio-individuality, co-shopping and healthy cooking can also be part of it, as well as exercises in natural surroundings and breathing technics, yoga and meditation.

Businesses are also increasingly aware of their responsibility for the health of their employees. With the business package 'Lunch & Learn', I provide practical principals. In times of increased burnout syndromes, the employee gets to know the complexity and, if necessary, knows what steps have to be taken, to counteract small changes in the diet and daily routines.

Are you ready to find your balance?

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Astrid (49), Germany

I didn't know where to start, as I had already tried all diet programs etc. without success and ended up weighing even more. Through Karin's coaching I learned not only how to change my diet in a healthy way and in mall steps, but also what other factors influence eating habits and what simple but effective ways to self-care and well-being there are.
After almost 6 months of coaching, I can confirm that I feel much better. I feel fit, healthy and the cravings for sweets and fatty foods have almost disappeared. It has also been clearly noticeable on the scales and this without having the feeling that I have to torture myself and give up enjoyment. On the contrary! I have learned new foods and found that you can eat very well and nutritious (and very tasty) with regional and seasonal products. Thank you for that Karin. You were and are my way to go!

Evelyne (42), Switzerland

At the first moment, I was not really aware why I started coaching with Karin. But I knew then "My world is going in circles!" and I did not know the "stop button"! This was about to change for me!
Each session was individually coordinated by Karin and with sensitivity, we looked at which step we would take next. Through breathing exercises and meditations I learned to slow down my "merry-go-round" and to release inner stress. And through Karin's extensive knowledge, she was also able to give me valuable tips for everyday life in the area of lifestyle and nutrition. With each session, I became more aware of how all areas of life play
together. Through this coaching, I always find my way back to my inner balance...Thank you Karin!

Kerstin (48), Switzerland

The time with Karin was intense, inspiring and successful. I have more energy, eat healthier and move more. My frequent headaches have almost disappeared. My family has also benefited: we eat much more vegetables, more varied and regional.

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