My name is Karin Arigoni and I help people to find their balance again and to fully exploit or mobilize their potential. In addition to well-founded training to become a certified coach for health and nutrition (IIN), a qualified gymnastics teacher and movement therapist and yoga teacher, I have one thing in particular: my personal experience.

Initially, after completing a commercial apprenticeship (KV) and studying gymnastics education and movement therapy for 3 years, I took a completely different path. It was more or less by chance that I discovered my talent in communication and was quickly fascinated by its success. For years. I realized almost too late what I was doing to myself and my body. And only because I was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. As a result, I was forced to take a longer break and deal intensively with myself and my health. In this phase I learned that nutrition can be medicine and that the responsibility for my well-being is entirely mine.

Today I have found my balance by using my experience and knowledge to accompany people on their way to new horizons. And there is enough time to enjoy life, family and friends.

Karin Arigoni

Health and Nutrition Coach
Integrative Nutrition and Health Coach
Hormone Health

I'm here for you.

Send me your questions and concerns and let's find sustainable solutions for you and your unique body.

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